Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I am working with Brigitte Willers on the GLAMOUR AID Project for August 2013 :

GLAMOUR AID Special Celebrities: Gary Player, Oscar Pistorius, Roland Schoeman, Watershed, Francois Pienaar, Edith Venter, Michelle Botes, Loyisa Bala, Zola, Megan Coleman, Victor Matfield, Leleti Khumalo and Brigitte Willers

GLAMOUR AID has been privileged to receive 13 original artworks by top artists of well-known celebrities as well as superb photo montages of each celebrity as well.

We are organising a Charity Dinner and Art Auction in August 2013 and the proceeds of the dinner and art auction will be donated to our selected charities. The artworks of the 13 celebrities as well as the autographed limited print runs of the artworks and photo montages will be sold on the evening and our website

We will be launching our 2014 Celebrity Calendars in August next year that will depict the beautiful photo montages of our selected celebrities. These calendars will be sponsored by corporates and sold to the public to raise funds for our chosen charities.

We have chosen Three Charities as recipients of the funds raised on this Glamour Aid Celebrity Project:

MAD Foundation:”Leaders of Tomorrow, need our Leadership Today”
MAD has aimed, since its inception in 2003, to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged academically talented
young South Africans by creating
exceptional educational and related
opportunities. Join Francois Pienaar and his circle of friends in this initiative because the leaders of tomorrow need our leadership today!

The Chaeli Campaign was founded in 2004 by five girls between the ages of 6 and 12. Chaeli Mycroft, her sister, Erin, and lifelong friends, sisters Tarryn, Justine and Chelsea Terry, started The Chaeli Campaign to raise R20 000 for Chaeli’s motorised wheelchair that was needed by Chaeli who has cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound.
The Chaeli Campaign’s Vision is to promote and provide the mobility and educational needs of disabled children under the age of eighteen years, throughout South Africa, and to use its facilities and resources to assist the disabled community
in any way it sees fit. They work in
collaboration with other organisations for the advancement of the disabled community and act as a facilitator to other communities in Africa.

Let’s Play is a corporate social responsibility initiative developed by SuperSport and partners in response to a National need. Our children are becoming alarmingly inactive. This has to change! This is where Let’s Play comes in: Their aim is to elevate awareness of our social situation and to introduce and encourage play, activity and sport in schools and at home. This is done through advanced media campaigns and close associations with organisations that target children and introduce activities to schools, homes and communities.

Contact us if you would like to know more about this stunning project or if you would like to be a sponsor:

082 576 7399                     082 442 6545 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We have just finished Another Successful Marketing Project in the Cape Whale Coast - which was such fun as well!!! Our "Celebrity Weekend in the CWC"

We love living and working in Hermanus and look forward to the next exciting marketing project!! Watch this space for the next one!

Joan-Anne Harris & Dave Snoek
Southern Stroll Marketing Team

FANTASTIC "Celebrity Weekend in the Cape Whale Coast"

Ard Matthews (lead singer Just Jinger), Landi Swanepoel (international model), Mark Bayly (All Access Presenter), Brigitte Willers (model & DJ), Rod Labuschagne (rugby player), Edith Venter (socialite), Johnny Schwartz (Edith's husband), Vanessa Marawa (Winner of 1st SA Survivor) and friend Tamsin.

We had so much fun organising the "Celebrity Weekend in the Cape Whale Coast" with a hand full of well-known Celebrities that were such sports, easy to please and with whom we had a fantastic time!!

Thank you to the sponsors for making the weekend 'extra special' and a BIG Thank You to the celebrities for joining us on the weekend! We look forward to hosting you soon again in our beautiful part of the world!

"THANK YOU SPONSORS" for a great "Celebrity Weekend in the Cape Whale Coast"

We would like to thank our Sponsors for ensuring that our "Celebrity Weekend in the Cape Whale Coast" was a great success.
Pebble Beach Guesthouse hosted Jared Orlin (YOU Entertainment Editor) and Megan Miller (YOU Photographer) for the weekend and ensured they had a very comfortable stay.

Misty Waves Hotel hosted Brigitte Willers (swimsuit model / DJ) and Rod Labuschagne (Boland rugby player), Pelagus Hotel hosted Edith Venter (socialite) and her husband Johnny Schwartz, On the Cliffs Guest House hosted Ard Matthews (lead singer from Just Jinger) and his fiance Landi Swanepoel (international model) and Harbour House Hotel hosted Vanessa Marawa (Winner of the 1st SA Survivor) and friend.

AVIS kindly sponsored a Combi for us for the weekend so we could transport our celebrities around in comfort as we travelled throughout the Cape Whale Coast, from Hermanus to Gansbaai to Stanford and to the airport.

A BIG "Thanks" to you all!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2011 Could Be A Bumper Year For Travel

Early predictions indicate that 2011 could be a bumper year for travel, with more tourists from the US and UK planning holidays abroad, according to a recent Tripadvisor survey.

In a poll of over 3,000 US-based travellers, 69% said they planned to take international trips next year. What’s more, they also plan to spend more while away, with 36% indicating that they will splash out more on travel in 2011 than they did in this year.

British travellers are also keen to travel long haul in 2011, with 66% of the 6,000 travellers surveyed stating that they plan to take an international trip next year. Over a third plan to spend more on their holidays in 2011 compared with 2010.

The survey also indicated that 2010 had been a year of travel anxieties, altering travel trends for the coming year. Top concerns for the Brits were further strikes but many were also worried about the rises in APD, the air travel tax, as well as the high-profile collapse of travel firms. US travellers are mostly concerned about high carry-on baggage fees, hotels fees and TSA full body scanners but believe 2010 has seen several positive developments for the traveller, including more online travel deals and cheaper hotel rates.

American tourists are also reporting a rise in ‘fake-ations’, where travellers take their work on their trip. Technological advances have led to 59% of travellers in employment being more connected to work than ever before on leisure trips in 2010. Most travellers admit to checking their work e-mail on leisure trips, while 13% call the office to check in. Only 8% consider the remoteness of their destination specifically to avoid connecting with work.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Medical Tourism Untouched In Hermanus

The Medical Tourism sector worldwide is growing exponentially and set to become a $100bn sector by 2012, according to industry research. The sector is growing at a whopping 20-30% annually and is bound to continue its growth pattern in the years to come.

According to Frost & Sullivan, the medical tourism industry is currently a $78.5bn industry [end-2010], catering to over three million patients who travel around the globe for medical care. The Middle East is one of the latent source markets of patients and it is estimated that 20% of healthcare seekers worldwide are from Gulf and Arab states. Significantly, patients from UAE alone spend about $2bn in healthcare travel on an annual basis. As a result, many countries are targeting the region to woo guests and patients to their own medical tourism destinations. Germany, in particular, and Europe, in general, have been a primary medical tourism hubs for hundreds of years and continue to lead the industry today followed by Asian countries such as Thailand, India and Malaysia. Boasting of an excellent healthcare system, high quality, safe and quick treatment.

Germany is considered to be a top destination for patients from all over the world, and particularly from the Middle East, UK and the US. Germany is also an attractive destination for patients from the region, in terms of distance, costs and tourism attractions - thus reinforcing it as a premier medical tourism hub in Europe.Source:

Friday, December 10, 2010

Travel Stats Are On The Up And Up

StatsSA has released the arrivals numbers for October and, once again, the numbers of tourists, both overseas and regional, have shown increases across the board.

The US market appears to be showing very strong signs of recovery and other core markets are also on the up, including Canada, Australia, China and India. European markets are also showing promising returns with healthy growth over the month in comparison with 2009. The total overseas arrivals grew by 9,7% from 189 932 to 208 276 while African arrivals grew by 13% from 438 756 to 496 071.

The top overseas markets for October 2010 were:
UK, down 2,9% from 40 829 to 39 642
USA, up 22,9% from 19 536 to 24 002
Germany, up 6,8% from 23 300 to 24 895
The Netherlands, down 5,2% from 15 612 to 14 796
France, up 9,8% from 11 834 to 12 995
Australia, up 32,9% from 7 029 to 9 339
India, up 24,6% from 5 047 to 6 291
China, up 73,7% from 3 280 to 5 697
Canada, up 25% from 4 536 to 5 668
Switzerland, up 28% from 3 983 to 5 097

Source: SA Tourism Update